Posted on July 20, 2023 in Blogs

“From Financial Ruin to Intraday Success: The Inspiring Journey of Tushar Bhumkar, India’s Intraday Trading Guru”


Tushar Bhumkar, a renowned intraday trainer, has emerged as an inspirational figure in the world of trading. Despite facing significant financial setbacks, he turned his life around by mastering the art of intraday trading, offering hope and guidance to aspiring traders across India.

Trading can be akin to a gamble, where lack of knowledge can lead to disastrous consequences. Tushar emphasizes the importance of learning and education before venturing into the market. Through his company, Tushar Bhumkar Institute Pvt Ltd, he imparts valuable insights into intraday and live trading, empowering individuals to make substantial profits in a single day, rivaling the returns from traditional fixed deposits.

However, Tushar’s journey to success was not without hurdles. Struggling with debt from 13 personal loans and 16 credit cards, he learned a hard lesson about the perils of investing in options. As a result, he strongly advises against such high-risk investments. Nonetheless, Tushar acknowledges that trading can become addictive, leading many to lose significant sums. To address this issue, he initiated intra-day trading classes across Maharashtra, specifically focusing on live intraday learning, which garnered immense interest from traders.

The stock market trading business offers unmatched scalability, unbounded by limits faced by traditional businesses. It requires minimal capital investment and appeals to individuals seeking a potential alternative to conventional employment or entrepreneurship. With a current trend favoring day trading over long-term investments, Tushar encourages people to focus on making money rather than merely saving it.

Intraday trading involves swift buying and selling of assets, akin to shoplifting, resulting in rapid financial gains when executed skillfully. Tushar’s teachings have resonated profoundly, leading to a surge in demand for his live intraday classes, attracting crowds of eager learners, even necessitating booking Mangal Karyalays (wedding venues) to accommodate the large gatherings.

Tushar Bhumkar’s success story embodies the potential of intraday trading, inspiring people from all walks of life to pursue financial prosperity through proper education and disciplined trading strategies. By sharing his experiences, he has become a guiding light for countless Indians seeking to make money and secure a brighter future through the exciting world of intraday trading.

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