Posted on June 13, 2023 in Blogs

From Struggle to Success: Pranali Kiran Paste’s Journey of Self-Reliance and Happiness

Pranali Kiran Paste, a yoga trainer, shares her inspiring journey of overcoming hardships and achieving success alongside her partner, Kiran Paste. From facing financial challenges to becoming self-reliant, Pranali credits her husband for being her constant source of inspiration and motivation.

Pranali reminisces about her early days when her mother worked tirelessly to raise her and her siblings. While studying, she fell in love with Kiran Paste and chose to defy her mother’s objections, ultimately marrying him. Today, both Pranali and Kiran are content and happy. What makes their story even more remarkable is that Pranali has found her own independence, thanks to Kiran’s unwavering support.

According to Pranali Kiran Paste, she learned the value of self-reliance from Kiran at a young age. They met when she was in college, and Kiran encouraged her to attend yoga and therapy classes to earn money while pursuing her college education. Before their marriage, they faced numerous hardships. Pranali vividly remembers the days when they both struggled to make ends meet while working jobs. She often longed to go out for walks like other couples, but Kiran would remind her that they needed to work hard and save money. Despite the challenges, they persevered, and today, Kiran ensures that they enjoy every holiday together.

Speaking about a particularly challenging period, Pranali recalls how they had planned to buy their own flat, only for the lockdown to be imposed shortly after. After waiting for two months with no end in sight, they decided to use the money and time for other purposes, putting their dream of owning a flat on hold. However, they are now determined to purchase their own house and are actively working towards that goal.


Pranali acknowledges that Kiran played a significant role in her success. While Kiran focused on creating videos, he also supported Pranali immensely, leading her to start making and editing her own videos. Today, she has reached her current position thanks to Kiran’s constant encouragement. Their content revolves around everyday life events, which resonates well with their audience.

In conclusion, Pranali Kiran Paste’s journey is a testament to the power of determination and unwavering support. From facing hardships together to achieving self-reliance and happiness, Pranali and Kiran’s story is one of resilience and love. They continue to work tirelessly to create compelling content and inspire their audience with their relatable experiences

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