Posted on May 15, 2023 in Blogs

I had to distribute pamphlets on the street – Priyanka Diwate

A Mumbai girl, Priyanka Diwate who grew up in a chawl in a middle-class family, chose a different path after completing her Fine Art degree. Instead of pursuing a regular job, Priyanka ventured into starting her own classes. Little did she know that her habit of secretly making videos for social media would completely change her life. Soon, Priyanka became a sensation in the digital world, and even she couldn’t believe that a girl from a humble background could achieve such great things. This remarkable journey was made possible thanks to the overwhelming support and love of the Marathi people. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s celebrate the success of our beloved Marathi Digital Star, Priyanka Diwate.

Priyanka hails from Chinchpokli area in central Mumbai. Since childhood, she had to face many challenges, but Priyanka always fought against the odds. Her family adored her, which is why they never burdened her with household chores. As a child, Priyanka attended auditions, and she could see the hope in her mother’s eyes, hoping that she would achieve something in the field of art. Driven by her passion for painting, she secured admission to J.J. School of Arts. Instead of seeking employment afterward, she decided to establish her own art classes. Through self-promotion, she went door-to-door, distributing pamphlets to attract more students. Her efforts paid off, and the number of children attending her classes steadily grew. However, everything changed when the lockdown was imposed, forcing her to close her classes. Little did she know that this would become a turning point in her life.

During the lockdown, people across the globe were finding ways to engage on social media. Priyanka, too, began making videos secretly at first, but soon she started creating motivational content. To her surprise, these motivational videos gained more popularity than her previous ones. As her followers increased, the demand for her videos grew. Priyanka earned her first income from social media with a payment of Rs 750 for a story post. Eventually, she started earning more as an influencer, creating brand videos and Instagram Reels, surpassing her income from painting classes.

In addition to her success as a digital star, Priyanka has also ventured into the makeup industry. She obtained a formal education as a Makeup artist before the lockdown, and after honing her skills through practice, she started her own Makeup Academy in Chinchpokli Mumbai. Priyanka attributes her success to her father, who has been a constant source of support and inspiration. She encourages her audience to embrace their unique qualities instead of trying to imitate others, inspiring them to create their own paths to success.