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Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Success in Maharashtra Police – The Pritesh Rahate Story

Pritesh Rahate, an inspiring individual, has defied the odds and proved that perseverance and determination can lead to success. Growing up in a modest household, with his father working for S.T. Mahamandal, Pritesh’s family relied on a meager salary of three thousand rupees. Despite these challenging circumstances, Pritesh enjoyed a carefree childhood, spending his days exploring the village, playing by the river, and harvesting mangoes from the fields.

Before beginning college, Pritesh’s father arranged his first job at a medical store. However, due to his inability to communicate in English, he had to leave the job after just three days. Undeterred, Pritesh managed to secure employment at M.S.E.B, capturing images of meters, but this too turned out to be short-lived as he left the position within a week. Determined to find his calling, he joined a photography studio and continued his studies until the 12th standard.

It was during this time that Pritesh first learned about Maharashtra Police Bharti through a friend. Despite his initial failure in the entrance examination, he refused to give up. While his sisters had already secured jobs, Pritesh returned to his village, enrolled in Police Bharti training at the nearby Police Academy, and dedicated the next five years to his dream. Fueled by the fear of not achieving his goal, Pritesh prepared tirelessly, and his perseverance paid off when he finally succeeded in the Ratnagiri Police Bharti, realizing his ambition of becoming a police officer.

While serving in the Police Force, Pritesh discovered TikTok videos through his friends’ mobile phones, which inspired him to venture into content creation. He started by making videos and gained immense popularity when he launched his Instagram and YouTube channels, with the support of his friend Amit Kubade. Balancing his duties as a police officer and content creator was challenging, but with the unwavering support of his Senior Officer, friends, parents, and wife, Pritesh established the Kokani Karti YouTube Channel. Through this platform, he aims to showcase the customs and traditions of the Konkan region.

Pritesh’s remarkable journey serves as a testament to the power of patience and consistency in achieving success in any field. His story is an inspiration to all, demonstrating that with determination, one can overcome obstacles and realize their dreams.

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