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Recovering from numerous setbacks and rising again – Rutuja Jagdale

Mumbai – Acting was never a childhood aspiration for Rutuja Jagdale. She used to receive complaints that it made life more enjoyable. Instead of meeting responsibilities, she would be engrossed in play. Although her dream was to become an Olympian, fate had different plans in store. Rutuja Jagdale, who has carved her own niche in the digital world, now serves as an inspiration to the younger generation, demonstrating that no matter how many obstacles one faces in life, one can still find success.

Originally from Satara, Rutuja spent her entire childhood in Sewri, Mumbai. Her love for sports led her to learn taekwondo. While her teacher praised her skills, they also complained about her tendency to have fun. Rutuja endured numerous injuries to her arms and legs while practicing taekwondo, but she always strived to recover quickly so that she could continue playing. However, her life took a major downturn before the lockdown, when she sustained a severe injury to her left leg, forcing her to give up the sport permanently. Her Olympic dream remained unfulfilled. Nevertheless, Rutuja did not allow this setback to define her. She shifted her focus to creating videos on TikTok and soon discovered her talent for art. Within just a month and a half, she gained a significant number of followers on the platform. However, her success on TikTok was short-lived as the platform was suddenly shut down.

Undeterred, Rutuja redirected her efforts to Instagram and began creating content there, moving beyond lip-sync videos. Once again, her followers started to grow. However, she encountered a phase where her videos received fewer views and her content seemed to lose its impact. Despite this, Rutuja believes that during such times, it is crucial to continue creating content without fear, as things tend to work out on their own. In addition to Instagram, Rutuja has now also started her own YouTube channel, aiming for long-term success.

Regarding her hard work, Rutuja explains that she draws inspiration from her surroundings, creating content that resonates with everyday people. Her background in journalism has proven to be an asset in this pursuit. She has learned from her parents that regardless of the challenges one faces, hard work will eventually pay off. Rutuja aspires to pursue acting in the future.

Finally, Rutuja emphasizes that to achieve success in life, one should pursue what they love. No matter how many difficulties one encounters, they should never give up, but instead keep moving forward. Success will inevitably come their way

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