Posted on May 10, 2023 in Blogs

Sincere efforts definitely bring success: Suvedha Desai-Gaonkar

Brought up in an ordinary family of Lalbagh Paral, Mumbai, Suvedha Desai- Gaonkar has made a name for herself as a successful writer, director, actress, content creator and YouTuber today due to her sincere efforts. But the struggle behind this success was not easy. Suvedha herself has narrated her journey in Cafemarathi’s Inspire series. This video can inspire anyone entering this field.

Suvedha was fond of acting since childhood. Marathi Actress Ranjana’s acting inspired her, and her journey to becoming an actress began. But after school, as I went to college, my confidence started to wane. Because it looks small, the sound is thin, the answers started getting. Then the drama journey began. The Gujarati drama ‘Chalati Ka Naam Gaadi’ gave me everything in life. Started on TV with the Marathi serial Dil Dosti Duniyadari. But after that for three consecutive years, the work was going out of hand, sometimes the series would not come, sometimes the channel would be shut down, decisions were made wrong, opportunities were being missed. During this period I started going into depression but during this period I met my present husband Sagar Gaonkar as a friend and the depression gradually subsided.

As the work started getting, one question was always asked, how many followers do you have? Till then I didn’t know what social media was. Then, in the middle, I started getting opportunities to write and with that I started learning social media. Tiktok was booming everywhere, so I started doing it but my mind was not in it.

I thought if this is what I want to do, why not make my own, so I started making my own short videos. Malvani Bai’s video went viral. Then started doing double roll. Then in the second lockdown me and my husband started a Youtube channel together and within a few days we got a lot of subscribers. Fame and money started to come. People started liking the roles I did. I am really happy in my work now. Content Creator has boosted my confidence tremendously.

I would say to those entering this field, know yourself, learn from mistakes, create opportunities rather than waiting for opportunities.